Once a French asked; how did you become a guide and what was the reason for that? I told her my short story….

When I was in high school, more than 8 years ago I hadn’t any idea about a foreigner and their language or wether I will see one in my life or not.

One day I was heading my way back home and I saw someone coming toward me and speaking in a very strange language which was English. I don’t exactly remember how did I made a conversation with him but I just helped him to take a taxi with fair price to Alamut castle. After that day I became so interested in learning English and helping tourists in the valley.

For more than 7 years I host them at my house without charging them and I became eager to know more and more about their language and culture. 2 years ago I had some courses in tour guide and now here I am…

My goal is when a tourist come to Alamut Valley should see and know as much as he or she can. That’s why I made this website to put some information about the valley and what a visitor can do while their stay.

I can say I’m in love with being a guide and because of this I want to be the best in this field so I need to have some characteristics: First thing about me is that I am a local, I’ve been living with people from the valley all my life and I know a lot about them. Second, since long time ago I was in love with the mountains and started to discover all about them and now I can say that I almost know every single summit around me and all the treks to Caspian sea. Third, I work with Tourism information Center of Qazvin city and It means that you can check my profile there before contacting me.

  • up to now I have successfully done 500 tours with tourists from different countries and  cultures.
  • I’m a student of English translation and I can speak it fluently, plus I can speak in French and Spanish.
  • I’m a mountaineer, and I’ve been up to a lot of summits in the valley and Alamkuh(the second highest mountain in Iran).

Now if you are willing to have me with you to help you get the most out of here,or just to have more information please check the plans and and contact me!

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I am also enlisted as a local guide for trekking in Trecher.

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