How to get to Alamut valley?

From Tehran it is a maximum 3:30 drive to Alamut Valley. If you go to Qazvin Terminal by bus, you can take a taxi to Razmian or Rajaee Dasht taxi station which will cost you not more than 2 euros. Taxis to Alamut Valley are available from 6:30 to 18:00 depend on season. For more information you can find Tourism Information Center. All the location are marked on map for you to find it much easier. Razmian Taxi Station The station is located near Sardaran square just hundred metres to west just next to Shohada Park. Fayazbakhsh street. Rajaee Dasht or Moallem Kelaye Taxi Station In the western side of the city located the large square called Minoudar(Qaribkosh) Square. In the northern side of the square you can find the station. If you need a taxi for daily trip to Alamut for visiting the highlights I would recommend to make contact with me for ideal prices


Razmian Taxi Station

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From Terminal To Razmian Taxi Station

Rajaee Dasht Taxi Station

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