Alamut Valley

The lost paradise in the western edge of the Alborz range.

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Rasoul Zarei

Once a French asked; how did you become a guide and what was the reason for that? I told her my short story.

When I was in high school, more than 8 years ago I hadn't any idea about a foreigner and their language or wether I will see one in my life or not.

One day I was heading my way back home and I saw someone coming toward me and speaking in a very strange language which was English. I don't exactly remember how did I made a conversation with him but I just helped him to take a taxi with fair price to Alamut castle. After that day I became so interested in learning English and helping tourists in the valley.

For more than 7 years I host them at my house without charging them and I became eager to know more and more about their language and culture. 2 years ago I had some courses in tour guide and now here I am... (Read More)

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Alamut, Qazvin, Iran

Phone: 0098 919 190 2485

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